Institute of Medical Informatics - Informatics for personalised medicine

As part of the Medical Faculty of the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster, we contribute through our research to basic health-management research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Our core competencies are summarized in the two working groups Biomedical Informatics and Health Informatics.

MoPat has a new info website!

MoPat - Mobile Patient Inquiry is a web application allowing creation of any desired questionary, that can be opened and completed on mobile terminals such as an iPad.

Please visit our website for further information.

Award winner Dr.Varghese on the left

Dr. Julian Varghese and his team at the Institute of Medical Informatics published their article entitled “Key data elements in Myeloid Leukemia” in this year’s Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) conference. The article was awarded the Rolf Hansen Memorial Prize, which is given to an outstanding scientific paper discussing innovative aspects of clinical information systems, preferably the Electronic Health Record. The Prize comes with a check of 1.000 € and is named after
Rolf Hansen (1931-1993), a renowned medical informatician and former president of the European Federation for Medical Informatics. Details of the article are listed on: here

The Open Data Kit (ODK) as an additional export format is available!

Medical Data Models from the Portal of Medical Data Models  may now also be downloaded as Open Data Kit ( compliant forms.
By now there are over 10.000 forms available in our Portal!

TMF-Workshop in Berlin on Medical Research Infrastructure "Portal for Medical Data Models"

Great demand of standardizes and interoperational solutions in medical documentation an research!



New download format at the portal for medical data models

The ODM to ResearchKit (JSON) converter is already available in the MDM Portal The >9500 medical forms  can now be downloaded in RK-JSON and easily imported by ResearchKit based Apps.

Portal for Medical Data Models

Currently more than 9.000 forms available!

Lancet: Sharing clinical trial data

Lancet: Piece from Prof. Dr. Dugas:
The Lancet, Vol 387 June 4, 2016, p.2287
Sharing clinical trial data