MALDI imaging

(November 29)

Venue: Lecture hall (HS) at Robert‐Koch‐Str. 31 (MTLA school) and laboratories at the Institute of Hygiene (Biomedical Mass Spectrometry) at Robert‐Koch‐Str. 41/51

13:00Workshop Registration
13:15Klaus Dreisewerd, Simone König
Welcome address
13:20Michael Batey, Waters Corporation, Wilmslow, UK
Molecular Imaging by Mass Spectrometry: Applications in Biomedical research and Drug Discovery
14:20Jens Soltwisch, Klaus Dreisewerd, University of Münster
Brief introduction to MALDI‐MS imaging and MALDI‐2‐MS imaging
15:00Coffee break and lab tour in small groups
16:15Demonstration of experiments and data evaluation strategies via Team Viewer
  1. Simeon Vens-Caepell, University of Münster
    Enhanced MALDI‐MSI analysis of glycolipids from wild‐type kidney following on‐tissue enzymatic treatment with phospholipase C and use of ion mobility and tandem mass spectrometry
  2. Jens Soltwisch, Eike Ulrich Brockmann, Daniel Steil, University of Münster
    MALDI‐2‐MSI analysis of bacterial metabolites with a Synapt G2‐S
  3. Alexander Potthoff, Eike Ulrich Brockmann, University of Münster
    Data processing strategies (and pitfalls) including imzML conversion of Waters raw.‐data and use of novel SCiLs Lab software
18:00Closing remarks

TALK Bruker

MALDI Imaging

(November 30)

13:00 - 13:30
Arndt Asperger


Protein analysis

(November 30)

13:30 - 14:30
Marc Kipping, Waters GmbH
An Overview of Past, Present and Future of Data Independent Acquisition Strategies
(covers LC-MSe, Ion Mobiltity Spectrometry (IMS), HDMSe, Stepped Quadrupole, SONAR)
14:30 - 15:00
Gottfried Pohlentz, University of Münster
Efficient analysis of proteolytic peptides and glycopeptides by use of ion mobility separations (IMS) and subsequent low energy collision-induced dissociation

WORKSHOP Serva Electrophoresis

Protein electrophoresis for professionals

(November 30)

15:00 - 16:00Günter Thesseling, Reiner Westermeier, Serva Electrophoresis