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Attending the Medical Faculty

You consider attending the Medical Faculty in Münster? We do like that. Before starting your medical education you have to take a few hurdles, most of them are a result of the federal restriction on admission (Numerus clausus).
However, in Münster this is even a little harder as our Medical Faculty belongs to the most wanted within Germany. There are some tips on how to get into our Faculty. We admit twice a year because we think that close contact between students and professors is important and can be more easily managed if a class has half size.
Further Information on Education in Medicine and Dentistry is provided on our portal for students of medicine and dentistry: medicampus

There are three reasons that make the 'outsourcing' of the student-portal necessary.
#1 Our organisation of study requires the acquiration of many different data. For example our evalutaion system, where every student is required to evaluate every class he takes; This and all results of exams, credits, etc. result in up to 50.000 data-sets each semester. This amount of data requires an outsourced portal.
#2 We provide a personalized shedule for every semester, which is published on medicampus.
#3 We expect us to be more than an 'educational center' only. This is why the medicampus provides space for a community including instant messaging, events and other offers that strengthen the student community.

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